Hello dear visitors and welcome to our official website. As you can see, we are a small web shop that is aimed towards children’s toys. Although, at the time of writing the homepage for our website, we still do not have any sort of cataloged products available. Still, we are preparing a couple of product reviews (such a mini drones, that are perfectly suitable for indoor flights during cold winter days and nights)¬†that will be available in an upcoming couple of days. After that, we will start gathering up all the data and relevant information¬†for setting up our own web shop catalog. To be quite honest with you, this process is going to take quite awhile so please bear with us. Once it is all done and the catalog is uploaded to our website, we will organize a huge sale. During that sale, you will be able to pick up all sorts of awesome toys… Needless to say, your kids will be more than happy once they start playing with them!

In the following couple of paragraphs, we are going to give you an in-depth look at a couple of products that we are going to have in stock. They will arrive in a couple of weeks so here’s all the valuable information regarding it:

Rubiks Cubes

We are expecting a huge shipment of these timeless classics. If you never heard of Rubiks cube then I don’t know under which stone you’ve lived for the past 20 years. As I’ve already said, it’s a timeless classic that will prove to be a valuable toy in the life of your little toddler. As soon as you explain the concept behind this new toy to your little one, you will see that it will immediately spark up his or hers imagination. They are dirt cheap so you won’t have to make a big dent in your budget.

I am sure you’ve all heard about drones, the new craze that has been occupying the shelves of all stores like plague. These unmanned aerial vehicles have became a huge hit over the course of this summer, and the fact that they are selling like crazy comes as no surprise. Next week, we are expecting a shipment of whopping 50 models, ranging from the very cheap ones that cost under $100 to the fully-fledged premium ones costing more than $1k. There will be something for everyone. We’ll even get one drone for adults for those of you who are into professional photography.

By the end of the year, we are expecting a massive shipment of various hoverboards. All of them are UL 2272 certified meaning none of them will cause any damage to your or your property. If you never had the chance to ride on one of these little fellas, then now is the right time to try them out! Simply purchase one for your little one, give it a stroll or two down the street just to check out “is it safe” (that’s what you will be telling your SO)… After you have had your fun with it, hand it out to your kid and there is no doubt you will make him happy!