Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand has not been on the market for too long┬ábut has already made its way to the very top. This interesting new concept is captivating the minds of millions of toddlers all around the world with one simple trick – combining sand with pure magic! People say kinetic sand is 98% sand and 2% magic, and believe it or not, that’s 100% true. It’s not your regular sand, that’s for sure. It creates no mess, it’s very easy to put it away once your LO is done playing with it… You do not even have to worry about him swallowing it (although it’s not recommended that your baby eats kinetic sand!) as it’s not toxic.

In other words, kinetic sand is the perfect toy for your little ones as it will provide them with plenty of fun time and time again. Not only is it extremely fun, it is also good for them. Kinetic sand is known to promote creative thinking and improve cognitive abilities to toddlers, making them play and learn at the same time. What’s best about it, it is not that expensive. You can get 5KGs of this for as little as $50. That’s just $10 per KG which is not that big of a deal considering how much fun your toddler will have with it.